Fishing Gunsite/Cookie Jar/ Last Chance

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Myself and CJ Rick spent last week mon. thru fri. camping and fishing these areas.
Caught lots of fish, mostly rats only one small Striper. LM and SM were the species we were targeting. Most caught on drop-shot with a few top water and jig and swimbait.
Lake was like glass for the entire trip. Chilly in the morning and warm the rest of the day. We saw hundreds of LM in the back of Gunsite in and around the weeds all sizes from 4" to 2#. Also noticed some coves were under water jungles with aquatic weeds and tumbleweeds. Good cover for little guys to grow up.
Maybe Rick will post some photos.

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I should have made the trip with you, but it just wasn't in the cards! Glad you caught some fish :cool:
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