Fishing from shore at bullfrog or Stanton?

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Hi everybody! We will be down tomorrow working on our houseboat at offshore marina. We have the houseboat next week for an eight day getaway. Since I will be mainly working, not bringing the new Ranger boat tomorrow. Is there anywhere around Stanton/Bullfrog that I can drive a small Subaru for shore access and possibly get into any fish? I've never shore fished at Lake Powell LOL so not sure where to go or what to expect. Any input would be greatly appreciated
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Shore fishing at Powell is great. Just rig your plastics weedless as you work them back up the slopes. Not sure about the subaru getting to Stanton tho?


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There were guys with 2wd sedans at Stanton last week. I am sure you can get close enough and walk a bit for sure.......
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