Fishing day after Christmas

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Location: Location Lake Powell, Warm Creek (in the back past the floating restroom)
Date: Thursday, December 26
Time frame: 11am-2pm
Depth: 25-40ft
Total fish caught: 8 Stripers, 1 Catfish
Watercraft: seadoo fishpro

Method #1: Trolling @ 4-5mph
Lure: Luck Craft 100 XD
Notes: constantly catching stripers

Method #2: Spooning
Lure #1: cotton cordell 3/4oz, silver (hand painted)
Lure #2: I was being creative and combined a Panther Martin and Krocodile
IMG_5669.jpegNotes: caught stripers with some work

Method #3: bait
Lure: Striper chunks on a hook
Notes: Caught a large catfish, it had one bum eye. Released it
Wow ! Quite the setup on that wave runner ! You have more toys than Santa !
Winter fishing often pays off. I'm sure there are some cats in Powell that would dwarf that guy. Strange critters. Epic job !
Big Browns are in the deep holes on the Colorado. Fishing ulta light spinning gear. Very slowly. with 1/16 ounce jigs.
Keep it going ! Tight Lines for the New Year !


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Nice! Is that 4-5 mph GPS verified? I run around 2-2.5 and ive been trying slow down more... maybe i need to speed up???
How deep do you think the deep diving cranks were running? Looks like the jet ski has most everything except maybe downriggers!!!
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