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Fish Report supplement

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wayne gustaveson

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I took some pictures while on my weekly fishing trip.

First the sunrise while heading out to the lake was great with a yellow glow instead of the red when clouds are there.

Second, I want to add to my smallmouth bass story by showing in more detail what I mean by isolated rockslides. If you pull up to a small rockslide like these, its like ordering smallmouth bass from a fast food joint - quick and easy.

sr53017.jpg isorockslide.jpg isorockslide2.jpg


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I feel like I'm always ready for smallies, they are so fun to catch and always hoping for that big dark 2 1/2 pounder.


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One of my favorite ways to catch Smallies is an ultra-lite set-up with 2-4# line. Real interesting when you get a LM or Striper.
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