Fish Report from Mike Larsen

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wayne gustaveson

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My brother in law Derrick Longson and I (Mike Larsen) wore out our arms and shoulders catching every species of game fish in the lake earlier this week. From Bullfrog to the debris flow coming down the San Juan we found and caught hordes of small mouth, tons of large mouth, tasty walleye, slurping stripers any time we wanted, and an occasional crappie. Tubes, grubs, Ned rigs, spinner baits, topwater,. . . it didn't matter. . . . If you threw it, the fish ate it, sometimes fighting over the lure. We tried to stop long enough on Tuesday to have a sandwich and the stripers started boiling next to my boat. We caught lots of quality fish on the surface and down to 15 /20 feet, including some toads on very lite gear and topwater. Great weather, great fishing and had the place to ourselves. It didn't matter where we stopped, we found fish and lots of them.

mlsmb2.jpg mllmb.jpg mlbreak.jpg mlcook.jpg mllmb2.jpg
Just an FYI for those that want to avoid the crowds and catch fish on Memorial Day weekend. The mid section of lake - Escalante to San juan - have few boats and slurping stripers. Fishing will be excellent there for the next month. If you can run = you will have fun - just look at the wind report first.
Looks like a post spawn female. Now she can regain her weight by eating sunfish and shad and maybe get a pound larger. Forage looked really good while working on the lake this week. Brushy coves are looking totally AWESOME! Its been a while since we have seen anything like this.

The early start to the runoff was a God-send(literally in my opinion), I hope it runs to mid-July as usual. We still have a ton of snow in the Colorado San Juan Mountains.
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