Fish Report 8-31-17 With Pictures

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wayne gustaveson

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Two BYU students and I went fishing for stripers and smallmouth bass for a study being performed concerning food habits of Lake Powell fish following mussel introduction. We got an early start so we were able to see one majestic sunrise on a cloudy morning.

We found a scattered boil near Navajo Canyon in the main channel. This was Kaleb's first fishing trip so we put him on the front of the boat and he caught the first 3 stripers. We caught 7 total before they went down and we found no more surface activity that morning.

We waited for more surface action in the main channel near Labyrinth but they did not come up for us. We switched to smallmouth fishing = trolling the shoreline to find them then casting to catch them. We got 22 in about an hour. First timer Kaleb scored a double while reeling in the Live target threadfin shad lure. Then the wind came up and we headed in.


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