First Trip to the North End.

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Team Z7

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I will be making my first trip to the North lake this weekend. I will be fishing Friday thru Sunday. I am looking for tips on locations to locate Stripers. Any info would be greatly appreciated. I am staying at Defiance House and fishing out of a Black & Silver Nitro Z7. If you see me stop by and say Hi.
Halls, Hansen, Knowles and the back of Bullfrog near dome rock (you’ll know it when you see it) are all good places to look for stripers. I’ve found schools in those areas in the past by looking for structure that smallmouth like, such as reefs and rock piles and then find some deeper water nearby. Or just troll and be ready to drop spoons after you hook up
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Had another great trip to the lake! Weather was good but a little windy Saturday & Sunday. We fished Good Hope Friday & Saturday. We caught all the Smallmouth we wanted on the usual baits, 5" white or chartruse single tail grubs. We even were able to pick up a few crappie on the same baits.
We never found any big schools of stripers, but were able to find one here and there in the way backs of the canyons. Sunday we went South to the Escalante river arm. The water was really clear. It was fun to watch all the smallmouth chase the one you had hooked on the line. We caught SMB, Crappies, a few Walleyes and a few Stripers on the white single tail grubs. We Love Lake Powell!! Can't wait to get back!
Sunday was so windy that we didn’t even leave the slip. That would have been a long, wet haul back for us.

Glad you got into the fish.
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