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First time house boater - questions, many, many, questions


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10 years of house boating experience on Powell, which is nothing on this site. The one thing that i feel is so important is the skill of anchoring the houseboat. We always go out of Bullfrog in late July, early August and it never fails that the wind will blow sideways and weather will change on a dime and throw some decent waves/chop in the late afternoon. The storm will never last long but if you don't have the houseboat anchored correctly and the wakeboat anchored correctly it can ruin the day or the trip. There are many people on this site more qualified and could explain it better than I ever could. Ask around and there are probably old posts on this site that would be very helpful.


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I don't think anyone touched on this part of your questions directly, or at least with this option, if they did, I apologize I missed it.

Aramark Executive Services DOES offer a Captain for a fee...at least they used to. Once many moons ago, my brother-in-law was down with some business clients, and he was the only one qualified to move the houseboat, and/or the runabout as none of his guests had experience. He called for a captain, and the captain moved the boat out of the slip and into Bullfrog Bay, where B-I-L then boarded, put the tow line on the runabout, and took command of the houseboat. The captain had already radioed for a ride back to the dock.

I don't know if this service is still available, and if it is, if it's available to renters, or just houseboat/slip owners, but it's worth a call to Exec Services to ask if it is. The topic of captains is a bit fuzzy on their website...


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For more info on houseboating at Lake Powell check out our website at Dooley's at Lake Powell

I'd also suggest two drivers. Our first trip in 2004, I took my father just so I could have another grown man on board. Could I do it by myself now, sure! But not our first time! The narrow areas between the dam and Warm Creek and then Warm Creek and Gunsight can get like a "Maytag" washing machine. Go early, and you'll be fine. Once the traffic hits then those areas are prone to large wake waves. Once you get past Gunsight then the lake flattens out.

As others have said, Dangling Rope is closed until further notice. So no ice / gas mid lake. I can only imagine with the Castlerock cut closed and DR closed that Antelope is going to be a ZOO this year!! We are planning on making ice out of gatorade bottles nightly and then putting the frozen Gatorade bottles in our ice chest. Our houseboat has a freezer on the bow, but trash runs to Antelope may still be needed. I'm going to get there super early.

Dig the anchors in deep and make your lines tight.

Hope you have a great time!!


We started to keep recycling bins a few years ago - a secondary benefit is that it has cut down on the smelly trash bags that attract the vultures and have to be run to the marina. We can leave a recycle bag on the back deck and it doesn't get rank or attract the vultures.