First Hite trip in a long time

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loaded up my Brother and headed to Hite last Tuesday. Set up camp about dark in the company of the tame coyote that helps keep the camp clean.
Headed out the next morning and headed for Tracite. The fish finder showed lots of shad balls and some individual fish but no big schools. We trolled for a while without a single hit.
Gave up on the trolling and worked the west shore going into Tracite. Bro caught 2 smallies, 1 largemouth, and a 4" sunfish. I never got a bite.
Maybe it's because my brother just fishes and I spend all my time changing lures.
Pretty slow, about 4:00 PM we went back to trolling and finally picked up a striper out side of White. Was using a pointer in ghost color at about 45' on the rigger.
Caught 7 more and a walleye trolling in White and that was it for the day.
Beautiful weather , good times!
Same thing the next day, nothing at all until late afternoon and then we got 10 more strippers and 2 walleye trolling the mudline in White.
The wind came up that evening and blew hard all night.
Broke the shifting linkage on the big outboard and had to unhook it and put the motor in gear and then start it to travel down lake.
The remote steering on the kicker died in the wind storm.
Lost both downrigger balls.
Broke the pulley off one of the downriggers.
Lost my wife's umbrella rig with all my hyper striper jigs.
(She doesn't know yet)
Broke my line counter pole.
And lost a half dozen of my best lures.
Just a typical Lake Powell trip.
But we had fun and want to try it again.
I have a question that I hope someone can answer,
As we were trolling we'd see what I think were shad balls almost everywhere, and some times the balls would get so thick that there would be a solid band from 15-25 feet thick and even trolling at 2.8 MPH the layer would last for miles. Some times the Humminbird would loose the bottom and show the layer of fish as the bottom.
Can there really be that many shad up there?
We rode up to the brush in the back of Tracite and could see thousands of shad around the boat.
I'll try and attach a pic of my fish finder screen. If they are all shad there is no reason that any of the fish need to chase a lure.
The fish were all really fat and healthy. Later, treetop
PS it says the file is too big, I'll try it find Wayne's email. Maybe he can make it fit. M

I have seen that big band of fish at 50 feet and suspect that they are adult gizzard shad. Hundreds of 3 pound fish would make a big mark on the graph as seen above.

It is also possible that this big band may be an unusual sediment layer related to the thermocline after the big runoff that covered the lake in 2017. I have seen it in many places and would not recommend fishing for stripers when seeing only this heavy layer on the graph. You need to see a few individual fish when actually viewing a striper school.
We saw the same thing in Trachyte in the middle of October. We did jig up a few stripers at the entrance when we saw arches among the, what we thought were bait balls.
Muck line sounds about right, we did notice that it ended when we went up into Farly, and White.
How long do you think it will be there?
Has it done this other years?
For a lot of years now, anything between 25' and 45' that is constant up there, not always thick, is the "muck" line, and I discount it as anything relevant to fishing. I have to say that the structure scan tends to see through it whereas the structure scan will quickly sort out schools of shad and stripers, not only from that but from shad and stripers.
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