Finally figured out how to catch slurping stripers!

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Even after researching this site and Wayne’s book “My Lake- My Life”, I couldn’t get slurping stripers to bite no matter what I tried. They just weren’t buying what I was selling. Anchovies, small swim baits, kastmasters, spoons of all sizes...I finally dug out some crappie jigs- 2 inch white curl tail grubs, and was able to get a fish with nearly every cast. What a thrill to be so close and watch them turn and take it! It wasn’t easy, though. Even using my lightest trout rod, it was hard to fling those light jig heads more than 10 feet or so. My electric trolling motor couldn’t keep up with the moving school, so had to use the big motor. The tiny hook got bent at times, and the 6 pound test mono broke more than once until I got the drag dialed in. All told, there was probably more excited fumbling than catching, but even though I only landed a few, I have some new knowledge of what works, and, again, what a thrill! Hope this option helps someone else unlock the code. This past Monday and Tuesday there were slurps everywhere in the main channel and side canyons from Lost Eden to Iceberg, and apparently, North of Bullfrog as well.6A667C73-7D92-4D48-AB76-97D10FEE7D9A.jpegB1B1F032-4F66-46CF-A85B-CAACC743742E.jpeg
Its a tough learning experience to fish slurps for the first time and then finally catch some fish. What a great reward when you finally figure out how to catch them. The fish we saw on Monday afternoon were coming up for a minute or so and then going back down and regrouping. If we cast a small rattletrap (white) or a small Lucky craft LV in chartreuse shad and let it sink (2 feet) beyond the school and then reeled it through the slurp we got a hookup just about every time.

It will get easier as the shad grow in size and stripers get more aggressive. Then the surface lures will work on almost every cast. That makes the fishing as HOT as the weather. Can't wait to use my Ima Skimmer again! Stripers are fun!
I just came off the lake and there were slurps everywhere from mile marker 45 to bullfrog as well as the San Juan. I'm sure there were some in the lower lake but the water was rough when I drove through it so I wouldn't have been able to spot them as well. We rarely had to search more than 5 minutes to find another slurp to fish and it wasn't uncommon to see 3 or 4 slurps at a time. Casting a fly rod with small flies was the most consistent technique we found for getting them to eat. We caught them on small white grubs, small lipless Crankbaits, small swim baits, small surface stick baits "walking the dog", smaller whopper plopper and kastermasters. Small white grubs, small lipless Crankbaits and small surface stick baits walking the dog were to most consistent. Casting a flyrod was the most enjoyable technique for us.
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