Farley's and White Canyon.

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Dusty Hunt

Does anyone have any information on Farley's or White Canyon? I'm wanting to make a fishing trip down there this year like we used to for years and years, but due to the lower water level I'm not sure if its worth it or not.
Alright. I appreciate it. I might have to go down camping for a weekend and check it our. Worst case scenario I guess I could drop back by bullfrog. I've never fished bullfrog before so it would be a good learning experience.
If your not in a hurry, I would check Farley's out, according to size boat, you could possibly get one in there, there's a big rock, that's kinda scary to get past, but I've put boat's in there, when people were telling me I was crazy. "Like I didnt already know" fishing does make me crazy some time's. But then, you could alway's go to Bullfrog, afterword's. If your in no hurry. What ever you do, going to Powell, when the weather, is like this, is never wrong.
Have a good one, and good luck.
KyKevin " Can't wait to get there myself."
I was in blue notch this weekend, and talked to a guy who just came from Farley and said you would have a little hike just to get to the water so I doubt you will get any kind of boat in, he did say two guys hiked down there and caught 2really nice walleye from the bank.
Thanks everyone for the help and ideas. Either way whatever a person decides to do you will never be in a wrong way when going fishing at Powell. Also @KYKevin , I remember the rock you are talking about. It is a little hairy getting around the rock but If I take it just right going "sidewards" with a little boat It shouldn't be too bad. I'm hoping by the time I'm able to make it there that the water will be up a little bit. Last time I was down there we had to hike for a minute, but when packing back a stringer of crappie you don't even notice the hike. @Reeltor Two years ago when I went I tried the blue notch way. We caught lots of fish but the road down to the lake wasn't too friendly. Pulling my Tracker V-14 down that dirt road seemed to take forever and a day. I just can't wait to go fishing. The fishing itch is bad this year.
Dusty, I pulled a bass boat, by that rock, year's ago. And put a 12ft boat in there, when the lake was 3585, at least 8ft lower then it is now. And drove right to the lake, the road is solid, and does'nt change, as you know. I would'nt go past the rock, until I walked down, and checked it out, but a 14ft tracker, will fit.
Good luck, and have a good trip.
The problem with launching at Farley at this water level is that the wash at the head of the lake has a pretty steep section where the road enters. This helps when launching at higher elevations, but makes it a little tougher for those of us who didn't bring "back up" to get us back up out of the wash. I pull a bumper pull camper with my one-ton Ford, with an 8' pedal boat on a platform on the bed of the truck. This way I drop the trailer on the flat by the restrooms, and then I'm able to drive across the wash, up the other side and launch the pedal boat in the larger cove over the hill from the wash(not possible with a trailer of any kind). With the lake dropping, it usually means that the end of the wash is pretty muddy, take care. I'm planning on being down Friday evening(3/17/17), and I'll bring some chains and straps(I do anyway). As advised, walk down to the water from the slickrock area above to scope out the situation, as it would be extremely difficult to back a trailer up that hill(and around the big rock that's half in the road). We launch a 16ft StarCraft at Farley when the water is at higher elevations.
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