Family Fishing Trip - May 31 to June 4

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We’re coming up with the family for four days planning to camp in Padre Bay.

If there are any hot fishing spots or hot lure/bait combo’s and times of day you recommend, let us know!

Hopefully Wayne’s Report will give us some additional suggestions.

Here are two lure combos that will for sure catch you those fish on Powell!
1. The Ned Rig is a great all around lure! This is our first trip using it, and it worked well for everyone who threw it including our young kids! The fish hook themselves on this lure. This can be a good thing and a bad thing, as they like to swallow it whole which makes it a pain to get out, but easy for kids to catch on! It will catch the entire Lake Powell Grand Slam, and we prefer the New Money color with a 1/6oz hook.
2. Bass Pro Double Dip Tube Jigs. This is my personal preference! It's an all around lure that can be thrown on a lite setup or on a bait cast rod. You can combo it with a lite weight jig head or heavy to get down deep. I prefer to pop it and then let it settle back down, but you can also just reel, pause, settle, reel, pause settle repeat. The second technique works better in windy conditions as it will keep more tension on your line. This lure will also catch the entire Lake Powell Grand Slam and maybe even a few carp! LOL!

Good Luck! If you see us on our red and white TR21 while you are up there this weekend, come over and say hi! We will be fishing that area as well. :)
Not open for further replies.