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Fall fishing

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Hello Wayne
Long time wayneswords reader and LP fisherman. I am headed to Bullfrog this Wednesday the 24th I am going after mainly bass but I have a friend who has never caught a striper. I was think8jg about the Moki wall I use$ to call to the parking lot be+a use of all the boats. Any suggestions would be gr3atly appreciated .I also will be going up to good hope for at least one of the days Thanks FISH ON

wayne gustaveson

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The Hepworth family will be there this weekend. They will post a report from Good Hope upon their return which I will post here as well. You should do fine for bass as the weather is improving and the water temperature is perfect. Stay tuned for more current information.


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My son caught a handful of bass in Bullfrog in just a couple hours, mainly on crankbaits, they too are headed to Good Hope today.489664fd-5c45-4d32-8e3f-c3c2039a1ab2_zpsvktmdt8p.JPG
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