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    I had a fantastic day on the South end today...for me, best fishing so far this fall, water is still warm. LOWRANCE showed 63+ degrees all day! I fished solo-as no one is thinking the lake is as magnificent as it actually is! I was rewarded with hungry SMB, LMB, and Striper. It was a perfect day and the 'well is full!
    Walleye where are you?

    Warm Creek stIill holds many, many, Striper-found powerful young Striper mixed in with not so healthy adults. Had a blast this afternoon as catching was well... easy.

    I culled all the big, skinny Striper and filleted the rest. I've got numerous pics...but as a casual, recreational angler...with lots of fish to reel in, you only get well, what you get...I will post from the lake tonight from my smartphone if it let's me. All the fish are cleaned and on ice...I treated myself to some cervesas and music while I cooked up some of the catch for dinner.

    I started off this morning catching healthy LMB and SMB on main channel drop off's...though the fish hit my cranks in the first few feet from shore. My graph is showing 62.2 in the Wahweap Marina now at 8 pm.

    Will hit it again in the AM...was thinking I was going to take the fishing boat home for the winter...but now rethinking it...Lots more catching to do.
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    Yes the other boat that is out there and reporting is talking about catching 100 stripers/day in Gunsight, West, Last Chance and Rock Creek. Mike Allred was going to post a report today. If that does not show up I will paraphrase his reports tomorrow.
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    Darn, I'm deep into an inspection of an airplane at the airport and can't get out to fish for several days or else I'd be out there tomorrow. Even left the cover off of my boat so I could hook up and go in a hurry.
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    This is discouraging news. I was hoping to get down Monday - Thursday for one last hurrah. But reality has set in and I need to get some badly neglected projects done around the property prior to winter setting in. Hopefully a few of you can get down and get it done....just post pics and reports for the rest of us.
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    Went to the back of West Canyon Friday morning. Just past the small rock out in the middle. Hit a school of Stripers throwing jigs and then spooned them for about an hour. Then we headed up to Rock Creek all the way back we started throwing surface poppers and the Stripers were hitting them regularly. Gotta love the surface hits. We hauled in 51 to the cleaning station and probably threw back 25 smaller and skinny ones.
    Went to the back of Last Chance on Saturday morning. Huge school of Stripers at the entrance of the left fork. We filled our wet wells dropping big spoons there then headed to Gunsight about 3:00 in the afternoon after putting around exploring and catching some small mouths. Clear at the back on the right around where the veg is sticking up. We saw a boil explode and headed over. We were throwing surface poppers and they were fighting over who got to eat it. We fished until our arms hurt. The wells were already packed so we had them laying on the floor of the boat. The treble hook on my brothers popper finally broke off and he kept throwing it just to watch them toss it around on the water. Most fun I've ever had. Didn't think we could top Friday but we did. We hauled 93 to the cleaning station Saturday night. Thank goodness we bought an electric fillet knife for this trip.
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    Sounds as though we should've waited a week, looking as though that super moon had a bigger effect than I thought it would.
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    Tomorrow is here and it's raining hard. No way Jose today :)
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    A few pic's from Saturday's trip. Enjoy. (Warning, amateur photographer snapping a few shots from my smartphone to capture the moment in time!)

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    Thanks for the pictures Jeff Were you again fishing in Warm Creek or were other areas included as well?
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    Wayne, all my LMB and SMB came from the Wahweap area- main channel between the marina and the no wake zone. East side of the bay.

    All the Striper were from Warm Creek in the shallower water. I have only fished the northeastern-most portion of the bay each time in because the fish have been their each time. A few of the fish I filleted had shad in their bellies.

    Let's not forget the SMB!

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