Ethanol Free At Bullfrog Corner Store !

Just received a text that Bullfrog Marina will have Ethanol Free 88 starting tomorrow ! its about time --- Myself and others have had nothing but problems with water in the gas especially when filling the houseboat and having the gas sit for a "relatively" extended period of time --

I was hauling EF from Grand Junction and treating it like gold -- Only for use in my 4 stroke 60's

Now -- How Much $$$$


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For the record, I filled twice last week at Bullfrog and once at Halls. There is no pure gas on the water in the north end. :(

When I asked at Halls I was told “I’m pretty sure the 91 is ethanol free”. It wasn’t.
I was at the lake and I double checked at the marina and you are correct there is no ethanol free at the marina. It’s available supposedly at the corner store. I will have to double check that next time I’m at the lake


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@Leardriver my Malibu has an LS3. Owners manual states that the engine requires 93 octane (which I understand means 91 at elevation). The one time I filled at Bullfrog and didn't use octane booster it knocked so badly that it shook the whole boat and gave me a "service engine immediately" warning message.

No more low octane for my boat.


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Totally understand. I ran a dyno in Denver, and continually reinforced the adage that octane requirements go down one point for every 1,000 feet in elevation. With the temps, Powell should let you use 5 points lower.
But...reality beats theory every time, and if you ping with lower octane, and don't with higher octane, the results speak for themselves.
Was at Bullfrog today -- There is Ethanol Free at the Corner store at Bullfrog for $3.90 -- Ticaboo has it for $3.99 and at Stan's in Hanksville has it for $3.79 -- I'm sorry I did not get the Octane levels