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Dry Rock Creek

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October 5, 2006 - Joan Terao

Lake Elevation: 3601

Dry Rock Creek

Enter Dry Rock Creek and head toward the left side in the back. This is a pretty easy hike and we did it in about 1 1/2 hours round trip in sport sandals.
At high water levels you can camp right across from Alcove Arch.

At later times during the day the light really illuminates the full arch as it was early when we hiked we got to see just a bit of light.

Continue past Alcove Arch and in a short distance you will come across a deep steep gully. You need to bear left between the cliff and the gully and you will pick up a trail. Along this trail you will find some ripple patterns covered with desert varnish.

At this point if you stand facing the gully and look across it you will see slabs of fossilized ripple patterns. In the lower part of the picture you can see slabs of the ripple rocks laying on their sides

Continue to your left between the gully and the cliff. When you reach the end of the gully you can cut across it to the other side. At that point if you turn around and look up the hill you will see an Indian grainery ruin. I must say sadly that it has deteriorated even more since I saw it last 7 years ago. I was told by other people that had climbed up to it back then that it is empty. The photo does not do it justice and it looks like just a pile of rocks in it.

Continue on up the small hill and you will come across the fossilized ripple rocks.

Some of the slabs are very large.

Lastly, if you hike just a little bit farther (before you get out of the small canyon) you will find a rock we dubbed Eagle Rock.

Its an easy hike with some parts of it a well traveled trail.
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