drowning @ Warm Creek

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everyone accounted for? man from CedaR City...

the wife just caught the news and told me.

anchor rope tangle?


Witnesses say the victim was trying to retrieve a boat anchor in 10 feet of water about 30 feet from shore, but wasn't wearing a life jacket.

He didn't resurface after diving for the anchor.

Park Service rangers retrieved the anchor line and discovered the victim entangled in the line. "


I gotta think it was thinner anchor rope to get bound up...or shallow water blackout combination..
Sometimes we take these things for granted. Life jackets are always a good idea, even for trivial things.
difficult all around. with rope in the water everything isn't gonna help in an emergency.

I dread how a supposedly fun family outing can turn into a horror story in the blink of an eye. I think I should actually be on some anxiety meds sometimes.

Powell scares me....and I've been a "waterman" for over 30 years, 3 oceans.....
This is so sad. We've been known to cut a rope once in a while and just let an anchor go. Usually we could pull it up with the boat if it was that stuck. A lake isn't the same as a swimming pool, if you are going in just to get wet, much less any other reason, put on a vest. Too many things can go wrong, even a simple cramp in a leg.
The most important investments we make are the vests. We have been boating on Powell and Flaming Gorge for upwards of 50 years. The rule is and has been always the same. If you leave the boat to go into the water you wear a vest. No exceptions! Sometimes our friend's kids don't like it, but it is the rule on the boat. My kids have grown up with this rule and it is a natural as putting on a seatbelt in a car.
a manual inflate vest you could pop will pull you up until rope tension holds you tight...then you're going in no direction.
I'm sure his first mistake was he didn't keep tension on the anchor rope. He untied it from the boat and it was floating around and got sucked down with him as he dove down. It was floating around him and above him in a big mess. When he ran out of air and tried to surface a loop got caught on his foot or other extremity. With a taut rope that wouldn't have happened.

This is all supposition. It's frustrating to me that a newspaper reporter never really gives you enough details so the rest of us can learn from such a tragic event.
yep... as a deckhand on that boat in my avatar...when the anchor was stuck.... I tied it off with tension and Captain Ahab would throttle forward and back to pop it loose.
The rope broke in a storm the day before they were heading home and he didn’t want to spend the money on another anchor in 10 feet of water a lot of people would do the same thing there was zero visibility so his daughter could not find him the rope was submerged as to my understanding
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