Dinosaur tracks in Last Chance Bay.


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Hello there,
Back in July, my family and I finally made it back to the lake after a 3 year absence. We had a newbie with us, so we decided to see some sights we hadn't seen in awhile. We went looking for the dinosaur tracks that are/were "upside down" on a protruding ledge in the last finger of Last Chance Bay. We couldn't find them.

Does anybody know if the ledge finally gave way, or were we just looking in the wrong place?

Just curious,

wayne gustaveson

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Yes I felt really bad when looking for the tracks in March of 2015 and finding that the rock layer had fallen off the wall during the winter. I still feel bad when going into the last canyon on the right in Last Chance and not being able to show off the dinosaur tracks to those new to the area.

A similar set of tracks still exists along the horizontal cut in the middle of Tapestry Wall near Cedar and Knowles Canyons. If you ever get in the upper lake there are some tracks there.


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Well, darn. At least I wasn't losing my mind.

Unfortunately, we usually don't make it that far up lake, but I will remember this. Thanks for letting me know.


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Isn't that the same wall that has the US flag on the very top? I will have to look closer next time we are at the lake.

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Thanks for the pics of Tapestry, we've tried a few times to locate them but didn't know specifically where they were. Will definitely take a look at them now. Fascinating stuff