Delectable Pan Fried Striper - Wayne Gustaveson

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wayne gustaveson

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Striped bass fillets - cut in uniform size one inch chunks
One egg
Finely crushed cracker crumbs - Club, Waverly Wafers or Ritz
One tablespoon flour
One cup olive oil

Prepare freshly-caught striper fillets by cutting into one inch chunks. Smaller fillets can be cut into thirds. Remove red meat from larger fillets during preparation process. The key is to have all chunks of uniform thickness for even cooking.

Beat egg until scrambled and add fish. Stir fish with fork until evenly coated with egg. Place cracker crumbs in plastic bag. Add flour to crushed cracker crumbs to prevent crumbs from clumping. Place fish chunks in bag and shake to coat with cracker crumb mixture.

Season to taste with salt and pepper, lemon pepper or your favorite spices.

Pan fry in hot oil (375) until golden brown. Turn to brown on opposite side. When brown on both sides fish is ready to eat. ENJOY!
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