Coronavirus mitigation

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This made me think they should cancel the elections like everything else they have cancelled and leave everyone in for another four years [that's already in] and I bet this crisis would disappear overnight. Somethings fishy here, pun intended.
Just thinking out loud
Is that fish I smell or conspiracy? LOL. You guys are funny....... or scary. Let me be selfish for a moment. I have a fishin trip May 12th and none of this better get in my way.. Already screwed up what little portfolio I have. I can handle that but don't mess with my fishin.
States didn’t take the mussels seriously until they stared getting projected cost for repairing the hydroelectric dams and things of that nature. It is going to get ugly with this virus, maybe it will remind us that we are all americans and not republicans or democrats. I really don’t recall any of the folks shooting at me asking about my political affiliation. Maybe we should start focusing on that, anytime of weakness is a great time to create mischief. Sorry, about the rant, I just want to go fishing and not worry about leaving my family.
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Utah County people cleared out our grocery store last night. The manager says he will probably close it down. I am more afraid of people than I am of the virus. If we act neighborly and help each other out this is no big deal. I would never have believed I would see Utah people act like this and threaten someone over toilet paper! I guess I will self quarantine on the Lake!! So if you see me fishing probably should keep your distance! ;)
Some one said recently that if you have even had Lake Powell water in your mouth you are immune.

i think the opposite should happen, in order to be cured you must carry 100 gallons of fresh water to the source of all goodness and leave it with the Water Master. this is why all the people are buying bottled water, they're getting ready to trek to the head waters!
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