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Lance Cue

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I know this isn't necessarily Lake Powell related but this is for my Powell boat and I always love to hear the comments and concerns from my fellow Waynes Worders. I am in need of a new cockpit and bow cover for my boat and looking for suggestions and comments, good or bad, on who to take it to in the Grand Junction area. All info is appreciated.
Canvas Products...across from the Subaru dealer...

I took my boat cover in with instructions to quote me a new one because all the factory seams had burst.

They called me three days later and said I didn't need a new cover at all...they had re-stitched, re-seamed, and re-heat sealed the whole cover (22' Glastron WITH Wake tower) and I should be good for another ten years...

Charged me $166 total...
Just got my boat home from Duncan & sons and am very happy with what they did. So happy that throughout the process of cockpit and bow covers i had them redo the bimini top canvas to accommodate full enclosures and do the full enclosure on the back half of the boat. I am very happy at this point with what they did. I won't say it was cheap but they were very accommodating and did what they said for the price they said, which is very important. They are great to work with and i will do so again I'm sure. So for anybody out there looking for a good, honest uphostery service in gj, give them a call. Thanks for the referral WW.
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