Cleaning houseboat hulls

We have our houseboat at Hall's Marina, and want the pontoons cleaned and recoated. The quote from the boat shop is $ 8000-9000! This includes take out and put back. They also said they need to remove the outboards to do the work? This price seems totally out of line, and 4 times what they charged 5 years ago. So, I am wondering if there are any places in Page that are not connected to Aramarc that do this type of work? And how to get in touch with them . Trying to deal with the dysfunctional monopoly that is Aramarc is ruining my lake time! I hope someone out there can suggest an alternative, thanks.

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We worked with Energy Marine (they bought out Lake Powell Marine) when we needed to have much of our steel hull re-skinned, a new swim ladder manufactured and a new roof put on our houseboat. We couldn't be happier with their service. (928) 645-2592. Trent the new owner and Greg who moved over from Lake Powell Marine were both knowledgeable and easy to work with. Be happy to chat via phone if you have more questions
Bulldog Boat Repair in Page cleaned and recoated our Boatel pontoons about 4 years ago. Their number is 928-645-1717. We used
Gunsight Transport to pull out and put back. Bulldog did not use the sandblasting on the pontoons but did drain and pull the gas tanks so they could coat behind them. We were very happy with their work and have used them since for maintenance and other problems on the Honda outboards.


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I am with Ryan on both counts. If Offshore or JNB Welding is even close in price to taking your boat to Page, you will save a lot of gas money taking your boat across the channel to Bullfeog rather than going 100 miles downstream to Page. I made a similar trip a few years ago and decided that the best way was to pull your little boat behind the houseboat then drive the little boat back. You then reverse the process to get the houseboat back upstream. A lot of fun, but those four trips of 100 miles each will burn a lot of gas.

$8,000 to $9,000 sounds high to me too. That would be close to a third of the way to new aluminum pontoons that would forever solve the recoating problem by never having to recoat again.