Castle Rock Cut-Through: Will it be usable next Easter?

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We're planning our annual Easter trip to Powell and the only (2) RV Parks in the region are separated by the dam.

If the Castle Rock cut-through is accessible, the RV park at Wahweap is preferable due to accessibility of the Marina and quick route up lake.

If the cut-through is not navigable, Antelope Point is the way to go and the closest RV Park is Page Lake Powell Campground.

Is there a reasonable way to estimate lake level and cut-through accessibility next Sunday, April 12th?

The way I figure it, the lake would have to drop 29 feet from where it is today.

Is there any reasonable way to anticipate what it will be April 12?

Thank you.
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Sure, Get in your time machine and go to the future. Then you can let us all know. Joking aside, I would suggest using the BOR's most likely estimate found in another thread(linked below). It looks like their most probable estimate(Green dashed line) is to be at just over 3600 feet elevation on April 1,2020. I'll qualify that answer by saying that if we get a bunch of rain in the near future, their projection will be incorrect(that water will move directly/immediately into the watershed), but if it snows the effect on April water levels will be minimal and more likely anticipated by the BOR. For now, their guess is as good as anybody's and better than some(mine). Given the usable elevation of the cut is 3583 feet, I'd say it's a pretty safe bet that it'll be open. FWIW
Chris, Antelope Point Marina has a new RV Park in the process of being built right now just above the existing marina parking lot. The expected opening is early next year but I'm not sure of a precise date. But by Easter, that might be another option for your trip. -Doug
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