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Casey Jensen - Bowns Canyon

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wayne gustaveson

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Just got back from a great trip. Fished most of the week just outside of iceberg canyon. Caught a few trolling shallow on shad raps and other lures. Caught a few casting cast masters into slurps but it was more luck than anything getting close enough while they were still up. All were small fish. Most of the week was slow catching just a few each day. Thursday we went to the wall just across from Bowns canyon and fished with anchovies. We got into much bigger stripers at 55’. Went back Friday morning and nailed them until about 9:30. We caught 19 that morning. It was good fishing. I’d definitely recommend anchovy fishing if your down south.
We only seen one true boil and that was at Hobie cat beach on the return trip.


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Wayne, Amy and I are coming up this Saturday morning (Aug 18), and hope to fish Saturday evening, then again very early Sunday morning.

We'll be staying at the Marriott in Page Saturday night.

I have a couple questions since my time to research is limited:

  1. Based on your experience and our limited time, would you recommend launching from Wahweap or Antelope?
  2. Where and how would you recommend fishing Saturday evening?
    1. I was thinking we'd race to the back of Navajo and either look for some boils, or just troll around with the crank baits (and maybe throw some anchovies in along the two walls in Navajo after the double islands)
  3. Where and how would you recommend fishing Sunday morning?
    1. I was thinking we'd head up to Last Chance around 4am and fish the shoreline rocks for Smallies with the surface lures (Luckcraft Sammy's) until after the sun comes up
    2. Then once the sun is up, transition to Anchovies around the "wall" in Padre
What do you think?

Hope your shoulder feels better soon!
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