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Captain Chuck Duggins

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wayne gustaveson

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Cap'n Chuck passed away Dec. 28. I just got a card from Dawn. In her Christmas card she said Chuck was on Hospice so I figured it would happen soon. I last saw Chuck in June and he looked very bad. I didn’t think he’d live another year when I saw him them. He was a good guy and a good friend. I know I’ll miss him.

(Ed Gerdemann's report on the loss of his long time fishing buddy and good friend.)

Chuck will be missed.

We are missing a lot of WW "pioneers" as 2018 begins.

Edward Gerdemann

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Chuck was a pioneer on Internet fishing boards. I first met him through the old Bronzeback board which is now gone. In fact, I think he made the first post on that board. After moving to Page permanently in 2001 he was a contributor to this board as well, but he hadn't been active here or anywhere else for a number of years. I always enjoyed fishing with Chuck. For a number of years it always seemed like my first and last trips of the season where with him. Chuck was a former smallmouth bass guide in Maine, and he loved those bronze backs which gave us something very much in common. Although he hadn't fished in several years, I always enjoyed dropping by his house and talking fishing and other subjects with him. I will remember him as a good friend.

As Wayne said, Chuck will be missed.

Ed Gerdemann
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