Canyons around BF

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Taking my brother to BF next week, his first Powell trip, I want him to have as good a fishing trip as possible, we will be camping in Stanton Creek. Should we go north and fish the canyons or south and fish? Thank you.
It all depends on which kind of fish you want to catch. The best fishing success comes from finding cloudy water to reduce the ease at which fish can see you. You can do that in the back of most canyons. Escalante is a good choice.

You can catch smallmouth bass most prolifically by throwing long casts to slick rock habitat with a bunch of boulders lying on top. That works either way -upstream or down.

Walleye will be in murky water early and late. Forgotten, Knowles, Cedar and GHBay.

Bluegill in the back of the floating restroom at Buoy 117.

Stripers on bait along the canyon walls near Bullfrog and in Moki.

So its your choice.
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