Burros need help.

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4 burros trapped on island north end of Neskahi. Looks like they have been there for a while no food. Perhaps someone knows who to contact


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The park service is aware, but it appears “not interfering with nature” is the stance. Some citizens in the past few weeks have dropped of food pellets and hay bales. Don’t know if it’s enough to keep them til the water starts to drop
They certainly can swim but I doubt they will as long as they keep getting feed from sympathetic boaters. A real dilemma between feeding them or letting them get hungry enough to swim for it. USBR forecast shows the lake only dropping 2 to 3 feet by the end of the year.
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The burros have been doing just fine up there for the last 120 years. They are plenty tough enough to take care of them selves. They can swim better than most people. I am sure that is why the NPS doesn’t think it is necessary to do anything about them.
I suspect that if the water had continued to rise, it may have forced them to swim. As long as they have dry land, and aren't starving, I don't see them taking the plunge. That said, if they wait until hunger is the driver, they may be too weak to make the swim.
Burros need to be designated as a big game animal and then have juniors only hunts on them. Situations like this could be handled by a 10 year old.
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Here at burro infested Lake Pleasant AZ the water fluctuates 40-50' a year and I've never heard of burros getting stuck, although the water gap between island and mainland is usually not real far. Some of the islands get fully submerged so I guess they have no choice :unsure:
Saw the burros this weekend while up in the Juan, or what was left of them. Two were dead and one was left standing there on his island. Looked very skinny and weak.
The sad thing is all it would have taken is two men getting out and pushing (herding) them off of that little island before they got too weak to swim. They would have been fine and swam back to the nearest shore, but that would have "been against the law"...
Isn't it stupid how we have tied our own hands when it comes to the burros and the wild horses through out our nation... We try to "protect them" by making these laws, when in fact all we are doing is sentencing them to death because of over population, and disease. Let alone not being able to help 3 of them swim off of an island because they are too stupid to realize they are starving to death...
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