Burbot contest at Flaming Gorge

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wayne gustaveson

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Ryan Mosley, trained at Lake Powell and now in charge of Flaming Gorge Reservoir, is trying to deal with invasive burbot. He has promoted an angling harvest contest each January over the past 3 years to remove spawning burbot from his lake. We are concerned that burbot will work down the Green and Colorado River on their way to Lake Powell. The defensive mechanism is that our water temperature may be too high for burbot invasion. So far we have found no burbot in our waters.

Here is a report on the 2017 contest.

The burbot here are really bad we have huge numbers and they are out of control they have all but destroyed the bass fishing in the Gorge, Burbot taste good but are hard to catch in large numbers in warm weather, Im sure the Kokanee will suffer as well - The introduction of sterile Walleye may help to some degree, lake trout are helping as well but it is slow going.
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