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Buoy 25 Stripers - Incredible!

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wayne gustaveson

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AS I drove past the Buoy 25 wall it occurred to me to go check out the Doepke report on Anglers Corner.


I tried to graph some fish along the cliff wall but was not successful (too deep and cliff wall) so I just followed directions. If you have not been there before look for buoy 25 after leaving Padre and passing the mouth of Face canyon. At the buoy look to the right hand wall. There is a tall red wall with a shorter white wall to the left. The white wall ends in a cove. I fished right at the end of the white wall where the water gets much deeper. (stripers really like to hold in deep water right at the end of a shallow cove. The stay in deep and make quick trips into shallow water to look for food).

We chummed a few anchovies, waited for 5 minutes and then it was game on! The only slow wait was while a fish was taken off the hook, other than that, as soon as the bait sank out of sight another fish was hooked. We could have filled the boat to overflowing but left after catching 30 fish in 30 minutes.

Fish condition was 60% poor quality and 40 percent average. It would be a great stop to teach kids how to catch fish without any wait time. Please stop and harvest some fish here!


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That is where TR, myself & Rug (not that Rug) brought some of the stripers for the last (2014) South Shad Rally at Lone Rock Beach. Steve & Gena turned us on to the spot as the got tired of catching fish and had to leave. Honest Curley, I won't tell anyone. Sq
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