Bullfrog to the Horn

Discussion in 'Lake Powell Fishing' started by Chet Garling, Aug 28, 2017.

  1. Chet Garling

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    spent our 28th annual week long trip on the lake, boat problems kept us close to Bullfrog, did manage one trip up lake to the Horn where we ran into a boil as we were leaving, boils were spotty with the exception of one boil in the main channel in front of the covered slips at Bullfrog, after they went down we managed to jig up more.
    As stated before I missed Howard and of course the others who have passed on. My new to me tritoon spent our week vacation in the boat shop and got done Friday morning as we were leaving, ah the tribulations of boat ownership!
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  2. Squirrel

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    In the words of "Phil Roundy", BOAT= " Break Out Another Thousand". Where are you Phil ?? Sq
  3. Chet Garling

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    Forgot to mention some boils in the back of Halls, and main channel outside of Forgotten, Smith Fork canyons. The one by Forgotten was huge multiple boats fished it. Getting a bonus trip next week can't wait.
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    We were down the 20th to the 23rd. 21st & 23rd we headed north. Lots of large and sustained boils in the main channel just outside the mouth of Knowles to both the north and south. We were out floating in the water when they started surfacing about 6' away. Not sure I want to try swimming in a boil...headed back to the boat pretty quickly. Spent Tuesday in the Rincon, fishing was slow and no boils. We did each catch a fair size LMB though
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