Bullfrog Temp's

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Good Morning To All,
Checking to see if any wordlings will be in Bullfrog Oct 13th-19th. Curious as to the water temp in Bullfrog Bay. Thanks in advance.
Water temperature at Wahweap this morning was 69F. It warms to 72-74 in the daytime. Water is usually 1-2 degrees warmer at Bullfrog. My best guess is that Bullfrog this morning was 70-71 and it will warm to about 74 this afternoon.
I'm here right now.....(sunday)....for another week or so. On Friday the digital on my friends boat read 72 in BF. Interesting as we drove up to Good Hope that day, it jumped to 77 by 4:00 p.m. It was back to 72 when we loaded at the ramp @ 5ish. Saturday was a beautiful day....best in a week. Water was warm & no wind to speak of.......unlike tonight....brrrrr.....Hanging out in the campground......
I just returned yesterday. Coldest water I saw in Bullfrog Bay was a few tenths of a degree below 68, but that was in the middle of a rainstorm. Most of the time the water was around 70.5 on my digital boat thermometer.
Temp at Wahweap this morning was 67.4 with wind blowing which also lowers temp. It should come up a degree or more as the wind calms and moves on. My best guess this week is water temp will range from 66-70 lakewide.
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