Bullfrog Ramp Condition / Houseboat Pulled -- Mussel report

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Last report of the year—Pulled the houseboat out – no mussels attached to the hull but plenty of attached to any crevice and repaired welds etc... None found in /on props – HB has been in the water for about six months

Water temp 64F – this past Tuesday was nasty but Wednesday was beautiful –

Plenty of bass boats headed out to pre-fish for tournament this weekend

The main Bullfrog ramp looks good but – for those who remember --the black pavement on the east side of the ramp is starting to show-- have not seen the pavement since perhaps 2013 – I was told that the pavement was the road down to the river before the lake filled or perhaps was the original ramp—Not sure about that… I know they extended the cement position of the ramp but I’m not sure how far that goes as I could not see the end of the ramp at this time ---

Hope for a heavy snow year or were going to be in trouble !
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