Bullfrog - no fresh water on L dock

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Just got a report from our partner. No fresh water on L dock. If anyone is going down, plan accordingly.
Don’t like to bad mouth ....but been a partner on a houseboat in bullfrog slips for a couple of years now and the amenities have been poor at best. Can’t speak to prior years because were shore camping and didn’t have these issues. Been down on HB twice this year and both times had issues with on water bathrooms!! I realize that a skeleton crew is employed full time but come on. I know what slip fees are let’s get it together.
Just got back on Tuesday. When I left I asked how long the water would be off. I was told that the water should be on within 10 days (we'll see). The bathrooms have a part on order and should be up and running by then as well (everywhere else poop flows down hill, at Lake Powell it flows uphill). There was a contractor working on installing security cameras on the docks and he was going to repair the WiFi that also wasn't working. Seems like things are slowly getting done just hope its all together when we get there on the 4th.
Water is back on. And they are creating a covered “picnic area” just outside the Exec Services office. Also looks like they might be upgrading some of the docks closer to shore.

Bathrooms are still down but they have a rental houseboat tied up so that people can use its toilets.

Looks like some $ is being put into the north side.
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