Bullfrog May 1-3

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Fished mainly for walleye and stayed in Bullfrog bay for the majority of the 3 days. Caught 29 walleye, 3 stripers, 5 lb largemouth and a few smallmouth. Most of the walleye were in the 18 to 20 inch size and caught them on bottom bouncers with silver worm harnesses and trolled crank baits with leaded line. More fish were caught trolling crank baits. Everyone we talked to said fishing was tough and I agree. I guess we were fortunate to get what we got. Weather was perfect with warm days and light breeze. Water temp ranged from 58 to 67 degrees. Fishing should get better with warmer water.


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been at bullfrog from 3rd, have not run into walleye yet, trolling, bottom bounces not having any luck, does anyone have any suggestions. First time to fish for walleye at lake powell, usually do my walleye fishing in Wyoming. Thanks for any advice anyone can give me!!!
Attached is a primitive map of where we caught the majority of our walleye. Bottom bouncers with harnesses some with 3 hooks and some with single slow death hooks worked at the rocky area. Also trolled the circled area(approximately 1/2 mile from rocky area towards Bullfrog) at 2.5 to 3 mph with jointed shad raps. Fish were not concentrated. We caught one then had to keep moving to find another. Hope this helps. Good luck.


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