Bullfrog-Halls Report...FULL MOON Struggles?

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Spent a long weekend with the fam at the campground in Bullfrog. Fished Friday-Tuesday in the am from sun up till about 9-10 am every day. Other than the 15th the fishing was slow. We fished Moqui Friday and didn't hook a thing.

Saturday we went to Halls Creek and fished the north shore line once the canyon opens up. We fished between 15-25ft of water with a Reaction 3.5 Smallie Beaver in a brown/grn pumpkin color on a 1/4 oz lead jig head. My bro was running 4lb flouro and out fished me. I was running 8lb flouro, not sure if it made a difference or he just got hooked up because it was his birthday (Happy Birthday Bro). Sunday returned to Halls in the am and got skunked. Monday, Fished the main canyon just north of BullFrog along some shelves in 15 ft of water on the west shore, hooked into a few more SMB. Smallie Beaver claimed a few more SMB before the trip was up and it was really the only consistent bait for us. Tuesday am went back to same spot as Monday and my 7 year old son hooked into 3 SMB. Overall fishing was very slow but Powell and the weather didn't disappoint! Beautiful!...from what I gathered at the ramp was the majority of the fishing crowd was having a tough time...but their were a select few that appeared to still be catching consistently.

Not sure if slow fishing was related to the moon phase??...or just my lack of knowledge when it comes to Powell and the fall. Full moon comments, beliefs, anyone?? I'd love to hear some feed back on Full Moon Fishing
Been down since Monday and overall slow for us as well. Hoping tomorrow is a little better.
I feel Fall is just a slower time. But I truly believe the Full Moon is the strongest factor. I kept hitting Full Moons every trip last year and had one of the most brutally tough years I have ever experienced. We were down last weekend also and did okay but it was definitely slow. Nice fish but better weather. Gorgeous sunsets and sunrises and wonderful temps.
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