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Bullfrog-GHB 4/12-4-16

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Headed to Bullfrog on Wednesday, decided to stick around Bullfrog until Friday to avoid the big blow on Thursday. We found the fishing was tough in Bullfrog Bay--found lots of fish on the sonar, but they were light hitting or tight lipped...humbling;) Talked to some folks on the ramp, they did very well in Halls Bay for Bass.

Forecasts were for 30-40 mph gusts on Thursday, and we made the call to pull the boat out and camp on shore Thursday night and it did rip pretty good until 2 am.

Got up to GHB early Friday, and it was deserted, pretty brown water as others have described. We found steady, but slow fishing for stripers, walleye and smallmouth, ended up with about 30 fish for the day. Saturday was spectacular, light and variable winds, better fishing. The highlight of the trip was finding a school in 20-30 feet of water willing to hit flies on sinking lines. The water was very stained/muddy, about 2-3 feet of visibility. But they were all over our jig-head Clouser minnows, pretty much constant catching for hours on end. Got to love Lake Powell! Water Temperatures were up to 64 in Bullfrog before the cold front and winds, 57-62 up in GHB. Red Canyon is now just as brown as the inflow, but the fish were still biting when we left.....
Hilda striper ww.jpg Camp view ww.jpg Dave striper ww.jpg
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