Bullfrog frozen (web cam and weather station)

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Hoping that making a comment will get it repaired; the Bullfrog web cam is either frozen with the same image OR the Bullfrog ramp line is really slow for the last few days. Its taking that yellow boat on the ramp forever to turn around and launch........

and the Bullfog weather station has been offline for a while too....

Just wondering..who own's these two units?
Be nice to get them fixed but not a major issue...
I sent an email via the web address at the bottom of the page, but don't think it's direct to the IT folks. I've noticed that the radio website in Page is down as well. Don't know if the problems are connected tho.
The Bullfrog weather station has been down for quite a while. The Antelope Point cam is working.?
I wonder if its related to all the cell phone outage problems this last week?

AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint were all down around the country.

We had problems here in GJ using AT&T...even the AT&T store didn't have wireless service.
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