BullFrog Fishing Report 6-18 thru 6-23

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We arrived at the Stanton Primitive Camp area Sunday afternoon, June 18, my son was already there with his family and another couple and reported catching a mix of SMB, LMB and Catfish over the last 24 hours, fishing from the shore at the camp. After we set up camp, and the boat was still on the trailer, we noticed an ongoing Striper boil or two continuously circling the Stanton Creek water near our camp so spent the next couple of hours fishing for Bass from the bank waiting for the boil to come by close enough to cast to it. Using the stubby shimmy sticks on a jig head as per previous report and throwing top water Yozuri 3DB floaters we managed to catch about a half dozen Stripers, a Dozen smallmouth, couple of Largemouth before dark. We were pretty excited to be catching a few from the bank. In casting from them I hooked about a 3/4 " Shad, that was what they were chasing. This picture was a typical boil moving by.

At times they would come right thru where we were floating, trying to stay out of the heat and scare the kids out of the water!

Monday, we took the boat over to the Bullfrog ramp and launched it, but was pretty windy so just hung out a camp that day.

Tuesday, June 20, we got up early and spent the morning in Moki Canyon fishing and dodging and getting hung up on debris. Caught a couple of smallmouth and a Striper that were keepers and hung a couple of largemouth

A great day on the water, but not many fish. We generally fished the boulders but did not fair well. The highlight of the day was sunrise in the canyon

and a quick glimpse of "Nessy" !:)

Wednesday we were lazy and it was windy early so we just visited in camp....until mid morning when we saw the Striper boils starting up in Stanton creek, loaded up my wife, daughter and grandson and spent the next two hours chasing the never ending Striper boils with just the trolling motor...great fun!
when the wind came up and the boils stopped we pulled into camp with 15 Stripers from about 15 inches to 24 inches, most healthy and a couple of skinny's. But a bunch of happy fisherfolks! especially my Daughter. She was throwing Berkley Gulp, Powerbait Pogy Swim Shad, my wife and I were throwing the Yozuri 3D top waters. Both were very effective and we even caught few smallmouth on the topwaters.

Thursday was hide from the heat day, 114 degrees and some wind, so no fish.

Friday morning, June 23, at Daylight my son and I headed up the Lake thinking we were going a ways, but at the MM102 Red Nun, we spotted a boil and it was game-on , became, cast, get one fish and they were gone...only to appear a thousand feet away, so then the choice was...which boil do be go after next. Not sure I have ever had so much excitement fishing. We had a blast, hot and crazy for two hours then they were gone.

Not sure how many we hang and lost, but we boated 16, all on surface lures the Yozuri Ghost Shad and a shad colored Pencil topwater with a yellow shade on the top. The action was so crazy we spent half the time digging treble hooks out of our hands! ,,,yeah, I know...I don't get out much...

WE fish some in Hansen Creek and the one across from it before giving in to the wind and headed to camp...besides, after fishing the Striper boils that morning, it was sort of boring after!

We really did not fish very much actually , but ended up with over 40 Stripers, over a dozen Smallmouth, about 3 largemouth, and maybe about 16 catfish, including the last one my son caught that was 7Ib-5oz. Most of the largemouth and small mouth and all of the Channel Cat were released. Some of the stripers were eaten there, the rest of the filets were frozen and brought home!

Well, that's our story...Wayne, thanks for recommending surface lures and the stubby Senko rigs and thanks to you and the others for this site!


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Well done. That helps me know more about how fishing compares uplake and down. I see shad moving into the shallow brush which makes the stripers follow into the brush. Open water slurps were not seen yesterday. All surface activity was near the shoreline.
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