Bullfrog and Moki

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I got to spend a couple days at LP this week. I stayed Tuesday night at the Ticaboo Lodge (Groupon coupon, $60.80 including tax. I was surprised by the number of people. There were 20 vehicles plus mine.

Wednesday morning I fished for stripers in Bullfrog and Halls. I found lots of fish with the Garmin, but couldn’t get them interested in my Kastmaster. I tried trolling and dropping the lure into lots os fish, but only caught 5. All 5 in Bullfrog. I talked to a couple guys when I launched who had pretty good luck with stripers in Moki Canyon the previous day trolling a white lure. They said they’d caught 50 or so. The water temperatures were between 70 and 72. Friday morning it was 69.7 early.

That afternoon I decided to try catching some bass. I used a drop shot with Yamamoto shad shaped worms. [297 green pumpkin w/large black flecks, 305 baby bass and 031blue pearl w/large silver flecks (basically white)]. I caught one smb in Bullfrog and moved to Stanton Canyon set up camp and fished to dark. I caught 25 or so; mostly smb but 6 or 7 LMB. I caught a couple with the baby bass color, 1 bite on the white and the rest on the green pumpkin. I tried a Ned Rig as well but didn’t catch any that way. While I didn’t see any boils the entire trip, there were numerous “shad boils” in Stanton. That’s what I’m trying to show in the attached picture.

Thursday I went north and never got beyond Moki Canyon. I started at the rocks at the mouth of the canyon. I caught a few small smb. I worked my way up the canyon and caught bass all the way. I fished using a drop shot and the green pumpkin shad shaped worm all day. Rocky points seemed to hold the most fish but I caught fish in lots of structure. The consistent factor was depth. A huge majority of the fish I caught were at least 15 feet deep. Most at about 20 feet. I think I caught 3 lmb. The rest were smb. I didn’t count but must have caught close to 100. I tried jigging on some striper schools but only had 1 bite and I missed it. Interestingly the size of the fish increased as I got further up the canyon. Went back to Stanton to find two camps of “neighbors” who set up tents and campers just 100 feet from mine. At least they waved and were quiet.

Friday morning I broke camp and had a couple hours to fish. I went across the lake by the north end of the Hall’s houseboats. There were only 7 of them. Fished a bit but it was too shallow. I moved to the canyon where the ferry docks. It was starting to get pretty windy but I did catch 6. Again it was the green pumpkin shad shaped worm fished with a drop shot. I caught the two largest fish of the trip; 3 pounds and 3.5 pounds smb in this little canton. Overall most fish were a pound or so, fat and healthy. Another great trip. Can’t wait for the next one.
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