Bullfrog 10-17 - 10/19

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Fished the bullfrog area down river to Lake Canyon and upriver into Moki and slightly north.

Found the fishing to be difficult. Plenty of small smb on split tail pumpkin grubs ... caught a few walleyes on silver shad raps. Went to the back of several canyons with very little success.

Found isolated LMB's in brush with surface poppers ... probably missed a half dozen turns.

Wanted to bring some stripers home and fished the mouth of Lake Canyon and one or two canyons in within Moki with choves ... zero luck
Fished in the evening with a light from the HB which attracted multitudes of baitfish. But only one skinny striper that was not worth keeping.

On the good side . It was in the high 70's and zero wind .. water temp 65-67.. and of course just the beauty of Lake Powell. Also saw my first Otter in the bullfrog Bay Area.

Have fun !
Out experience yesterday sounds eerily similar. We fished Halls Creek Canyon and found several smallmouth bass on rocky points in the afternoon, but fishing was overall difficult. We found a few smaller lmb but no other species. We trolled for stripers with the zero luck.

There were more pleasure boaters in halls than I would have imagined for this time of year.

But like you said yesterday was the best weather we've ever had at Lake Powell. Hoping to find more fish today.
Ditto on the fishing , did manage on striper that was cruising the shoreline, now if I can figure out how to keep those bigger green bas from throwing my hook on the jump.....
When I came in from uplake on Thursday the Antelope Marina was overrun with small kids thru teenagers plus there was wakeboard boats one after another being launched. Was told it was Fall Break for Utah schools. Chuck
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