Breakfast Hash - Angela Swaner

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You can vary the amounts depending on how big you need to make it. Can cook either on top of stove, dutch oven or in the oven. Takes about 1 hour depending on size and thickness. Insert knife in middle to make sure that eggs are done.

Diced, sliced or frozen hash brown potatoes (I use the canned potatoes)
Canned corn beef hash
Eggs-regular or Egg Beaters
Diced onion and green pepper (you can add all sorts of veggies too)
Cooked Italian sausage (optional)
Shredded cheese

Spray pan with oil. Line bottom of pan with potatoes. Chop hash into chunks and put on top of potatoes. Add sausage, onion, pepper and cheese. Beat eggs and pour over top. Top with additional cheese. Cook 350. Serve with either salsa or green enchilada sauce.
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