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On our last trip to powell my wife stated it was the “best camping trip ever”. She and her little dog hiked a shoreline while I fished or she relaxed on the back deck reading. She is excited about more boat camping and exploring. I am excited that she enthusiastic about the trips and wants to do more. Her Dad and brother burnt her out on fishing trips and she has absolutely no desire to reel in a fish, but she loves the beauty of powell. Is there a book or two highlighting hikes or unique sites at powell? Thanks
The Boaters Guide to Lake Powell has everything you could ever imagine. The author has explored nearly every inch of the canyons it would seem. They sell it in just about every store on the lake. Take note that many of the hikes explained in the book are a very long hike as the water was higher or the author just didn't mind doing the distance for some of the cool spots. There are some good shorter hikes too though.

There is also a book called From Here to WOW and it's got a lot of good hikes in the Southern Utah area.
That book is pretty funny! It does give extensive hiking information, but It really should be titled "Using a tiny inflatable boat to access hiking areas on lake Powell!!!" The author is a hard core hiker/canyoneer, it really is a good book, just kind of a misleading title....
I agree that Kelsey's A Boater's Guide is a very good source of information. "The Author" is a somewhat peculiar writer but he does give quite a bit of accurate and detailed information. Missing from the book is a hike to my favorite place on Earth- the Rim Arches near Deep Canyon on the San Juan. Search this site and you will find the directions.
If you ever have a chance to hike behind Rainbow Bridge, I highly recommend it. Bridge Canyon, Redbud Pass, Cliff Canyon, and its junction with Forbidding are all incredible. You can dayhike the area by mooring at the RB courtesy docks. Backpacking the area is unforgettable. In 2005, some friends and I backpacked from the Rainbow Lodge Ruins (after Paria Outfitters dropped us off) to Rainbow. We spent two very cold but enjoyable December nights camped in the canyons before taking the tour boat back to Wahweap. One of the best trips I've ever been on. BTW, a Navajo permit is required for hikes beyond the Monument boundary.
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