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Is it possible that this year may be one of those years that there is so many shad that the stripers wont need to boil???? I remember in the past you mentioning that if the shad are plentiful that the stripers might not need to boil
I believe it. I think you are on to something. The slurps I seen last week on the horn makes my feeble mind reel. They wouldn’t go down untill the were 5’ from the boat. I cast many different lures as suggested in previous posts for slurps/boils and no bites. Many times I thought I had a bite but I think I was barely snagging the backs of them. This year is unlike any I have seen in my limited experience on the lake. 8 years 90% North end experience, GHB and farther North. My question now is, if there is no limit on Stripers and I can’t get them to bite, can I make a snagging rig? If it is management by harvest I think this should be an option. I don’t want dynamite as an option. Just trying to save shad.
I would doubt that for a few reasons. The stripers rely on schooling and pack predation, pinning the shad near the surface. Really good shad years mean more boils (at least as far as I have read on WW)! Besides, it seems like the reports from not that long ago were showing about 50% of the stripers were still on the skinny side. If there was TOO much forage, you would think the stripers would be super fat. Pure speculation, but could it be that we had such a late, cool spring, with cold water temperatures that the shad are just now getting big enough to create boils?
The shad we saw last weekend that fell out of some stripers mouths were only about 3/4” long . You may be onto something!
Jeremy - When we were there 2 weeks ago, we ran into the same thing. Some of the slurps/boils we could not buy a bite, occasionally we would get a couple on the Strom 3" wild eye swim shad in a pearl color if we reeled it very fast. We found that these fish were smaller - 12 to 15". If we went to a 2" bait - anything that resembled a shad, and reeled it as fast as possible, our success improved. There was so much surface activity then that if we found a bunch to be uncooperative, we just went over to another bunch of fish.
i think with the high run off this year every thing is just a little behind
That is certainly the case here in Western Colorado. Cherry and peach harvest is two weeks later than last year. Colorado River stayed up until about a week ago with snow pack runoff. Hopefully, later boils and cooler air temperatures will coincide!
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