Sept 2, morning outing, clear skies, very light breeze. Started at 7 am. Cruised from back of Farley (base camp) and searched for boils on way to Trachyte and saw none...but found small pods busting shad near front right entrance to Trachyte and picked up a few. Headed back into White around 9 ish and were welcomed with boils for an hour or so...filled up the cooler... 20+, and all were healthy except 1.

Evening outing, headed out at 4:30. Hung out in White Canyon till about 6 and then glassed boils in main channel at DOwnlake side of the mouth of Trachyte. Fished boils from 6:15 till 7:45 and boated about 30 healthy stripers.

Sept 3: headed out of Farley at 7 am, turned corner into white Canyon and fished a boil till a little after 8, when we called it quits with nearly 40 in the boat. It became a little hazardous given the cooler was full and couldn't risk uncontainable stripers with treble hooks flailing about in my RIB.

Afternoon - Headed out from Farley to White Canyon around 5, and got one at 5:30, then spotted boils at mouth of Trachyte on downlake side...and chased them all the way to about half way back, picking up 35+, quitting while fish were still boiling at 7:45!

September 4: Headed out of Farley at 7, and went to White and picked up a few by 8 am in small boils, cruised out to Trachyte to check on it, not much happening there, picked up a couple and went back to White around 9:30 and got into a few decent boils before quitting at 10 with 20+ in the boat.

Evening...went out with bang. Found sporadic boils from 4:30- 5:30 in White, and picked up a few. Then hit mother lode in down lake side of Trachyte entrance. From 6-7 picked up 40, and left so that we wouldn't be cleaning after dark....great way to close out the trip!
I'm sure you'll experience the same or better. We even had nearly full moon, which I normally try to avoid. Bring your binoculars...helps locate the boils quickly.
Thought so...I went back in there but didn't see any boils...but admittedly, it was after we had a cooler full and didn't stick around long.

wayne gustaveson

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I am back. Caught a wide ranging boil at about Buoy 114 and got warmed up with 6 or 8 fish. Then we found the Buoy 117 boil early caught 30. Followed those fish up to the beginning of GHB caught 70 or more. Topped it off in White Canyon with another 30. Filleted 130 fish before noon. Video ran constantly for 4 hours. Glad I don't have to edit. :)

This will show on KSL TV on September 30. Should be fun to watch.