Blue Notch road

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With all the posts of Hite has me wondering how the Blue Notch road has weathered all the moisture this year. Anyone heard of or seen how it looks. Late March early April will be our first trip down this year. We are going to try and follow in Dungee's footsteps or should I say wake that is 😎.
All I know is one year we got stuck in early March before the pass on the highway side of the road. Took an entire day to build a rock retaining wall so we could reverse into a turn out without having our truck fall 30ish feet and then spent the night. That trip it had rained hard for like 24 hours straight leading up to that attempt. Even with just a few hours of being dry that same area was pretty dry and handled it well.

We went back to Farley after that, hiked out to the mouth of white and Farley and caught a lot of nice walleye and even a pike. Now we have great memories of that trip but at the time it was pretty crazy. That’s the most trouble we’ve gotten into on that road though.

We got stuck right about where the x is.

We also went down in March of 2014 when the water was also very low. That report is in anglers corner of the .com site. Even launch a light boat.

With all that said haven’t seen a recent report...

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