Bittersweet Day... sold our Houseboat


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In 1983, a group of Coloradans, all from the Denver metro area got together and decided to buy a houseboat, that would be moored in Bullfrog Bay. They found that Kayot had at least 3 sister ship 50+ft boats that were all destined for Powell that next spring. The three I know in this group of boats of were called Morning Dove, Fantasia and Sparrow Hawk. There were others too, most all had 'bird' names, I just can't remember more than those 3. The one this particular group purchased was the Sparrow Hawk.

Flash forward 15 years to September of 1999, my first experience houseboating on Powell was on the 'Hawk with one of the original owners. He was a great man and a father figure to me in my late teenage years, when my father was not around. His son is still one of my best friends to this day, they are my second family (sadly, he passed in 2020).

In 2003, with a few new owners in tow, and many of the original owners still involved, the group decided it was time for a new boat. They purchased a brand spankin' new 2004 Destination Yacht pontoon houseboat. They decided to keep the Sparrow Hawk name, but she was really the Sparrow Hawk II, she was launched at Bullfrog the first time in spring 2004.

In 2013, after 5 trips on the old 'Hawk and one on the new boat, I purchased my first share in the Sparrow Hawk. It was a mid September week that was split owned by my friend, and one of the other original 1984 owners. The last 10 years went by fast. I ended up being one of the last 8 owners, the only current one that had multiple shares, and the youngest current owner. I could see the writing on the wall the last few years, that the only way to keep the 'Hawk and the sentimental value it holds to me and my second family was to buy it outright from the remaining owners. Unfortunately, that was just not in the cards. We voted to sell last fall.

Well, as of today, the boat has officially been sold.

Now here is the good news (the sweet part of my thread title), it has been sold as a single family owned boat to a fellow Wordling, and moved to the south part of the lake. I will not mention who, I will let him do that, if he so chooses.

I will be back with a new boat eventually. But, I am having a hard time committing to staying up north with Ticaboo Dan being gone. So, I will probably head south as well and buy into a Laketime boat. Any advice or help there would be greatly appreciated.