Birthday fishing report

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wayne gustaveson

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Birthday fishing Report

Fishing for large numbers of stripers will be best using bait at the dam and along the walls in the forebay. Also look at Buoy 3 and in the close canyons at Navajo, Warm Creek and Lone Rock. These fish are hungry and willing. If you get on the right spot there could be a large number of stripers caught.

We have identified another pattern for those that want to run uplake and fish in clear water for fat stripers. Schools of stripers were located yesterday in Labyrinth Canyon, Face Canyon, Buoy 25 Cove, and small coves in the main channel from Warm Creek to Padre Bay. Schools of suspended stripers are feeding on plankton at a depth of 30 feet in clear water. I expect this pattern to be repeatable in all clear water canyons.

They will hit a small (3-4 inch) shallow running (4 feet) Lucky Craft Pointer SP trolled well behind the boat. (Bring your small trout lures and try them) These fish are surviving on plankton until shad spawn again but when they see a small shad-imitating lure on the surface they rush up 10-20 feet and hit the lure. Catching fish is steady. We counted over 30 fish at the cleaning station yesterday after 3 hours of fishing.
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Good Luck tomorrow!
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