Big flutter spoons -(Halls sept 30-oct 4)

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Spent the last 4 days fishing only halls bay. Stripers and bass brought the shad up Wednesday morning for about a 5 to 10 minute boil. Spent the rest of the day casting topwaters and flutter spoons in the same general area as the boils and caught fish steadily throughout the day. I believe they would have brought them up again Thursday and today if it weren’t for so much boat traffic. Again blind casting big topwaters in the backs of canyons and on shallow points produced sporadic savage strikes from all bass species. Another tactic that produced a decent number of fish was casting flutter spoons (5 inch Nichols lake fork flutter spoon) up onto points and casting them into marked bait balls , and either ripping them back to you or reeling them slowly back with slight pops. Flutter spoons work better casted then vertical jigged so I just back of marked fish and cast at them. Or use the wind and drift across points while ripping them. Try it where you mark fish if jigging spoons aren’t doing the trick, the flutter spoons can trigger nuetral inactive fish! Hope this helps ! Also awesome to meet Up The Creek (Bob and fam ), at halls crossing! One last word that I remember from my tournament fishing days and I falled back upon this trip “don’t leave fish to find fish” if there is fish and bait around, maybe they just want a different lure or a different look from the same lure !!
Oh the dilemma.... we are leaving this coming Wed for a trip through Sunday... debating on where to go. I had just made up my mind to drive the extra hour to
Page until reading this post... good stuff! How are the water temps? Looks like ambient will be in the mid 60’s while we are there next week so hopefully water temps are below 70. Looking forward to Wayne’s report on Wednesday... thanks for the great post!
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Ha ,Well I don’t want my report to change your mind if you were gunna go south ! We had to earn those fish a little bit, it wasn’t lake Powell magic like it can be, but I really like halls, it fishes like a lake of its owns with shallow stained water up north clear mid depth in the middle and deep canyon at the south. I think fish spend most of there lives in a bay like halls.... so by fishing an area and not running and gunning I feel like I learn an area better and learn it’s intricacies better. Water surface temps were 70 in the am and 74 by afternoon. There is a ton of bait ( like everywhere it sounds like ). And I think this area of the lake is about to explode as soon as the water drops into the mid to upper 60s. I think you will catch fish if you go there and if you are there without a ton of wakeboard jet ski house boat traffic I think the fish will boil again.. it’s hard to expect fish not to be spooked after listening to sub woofers until 1 am ha ha. If you go to halls throw a big Zara spook or a whopper plopper 110 or 130 and don’t be scared to throw it all day , the best topwater bite besides the boil was around 11 am till 1 pm. Good luck man
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Also the big flutter spoon is awesome. I personally think Nichols makes the best , I was throwing the 5 inch spoon in super shad .. they are a little pricey but come with atomic sharp hooks and they are American made which is rad..
Thank's, sound's like the fish are in good shape, and temp's are getting there.
Nice! Thanks man. The dilemma comes from always having fished out of BF and Hite, never been to the south Lake before so I am with you about familiarity. I love Halls, saw another report this morning with great fishing in Moki. Just bought a 5” flutter spoon from Amazon last night. So you should consider a sales job with Nichols... Did you go to the back in Halls Creek Bay? Thanks again...
Bliggety 78, Na not the back, mid way, hit me with an email, [email protected], and I will send you some specific water to fish ...I think the fish are pretty concentrated in a few areas..
Jwc , do you mind if I shot you an email too for those details ?

I am heading down in a week with two 8 year olds and I am hoping to watch them land their first stripers,smb and lmb
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