Big Bass at Halls

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wayne gustaveson

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I think you are both right! Looks like mussels to me and Debra is wearing a sweater to keep warm. So the picture was probably taken earlier in the year when the water was lower.

Debra let us know capture date so we can solve this mystery o_O


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If it were my wife in the photo, it would be entirely possible that the photo was taken last week and she would be wearing a jacket.

And, sadly, I'd bet those are mussels on the wall. :(


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IMG_2446.JPG Was comparing markings on her fish compared to fish we caught and released in Halls Bay. She was hooked deep but hook came out easily enough. Hope she made it and raised some young ones.
It was the last cast of the week long trip back on April 30. Joe (the angler) first thought he was hung up, then thought he had a tumbleweed. Could not find my weight scale....just keeps getting bigger when I think about that trip!
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