Best line for spooning stripers

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Capt. Ron

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Headed to bullfrog this weekend. Was going to troll and graph . Hoping to catch some stripers spooning. What type of line is best for this type of fishing. Im assuming braid and leader. What type, lb etc.?
I use whatever is on my rod. Most of the time that means I'm using standard mono (anywhere from 8lb - 12lb). I do have one rod with braid, and I make sure that it is rigged for top-water. The braid definitely has an advantage in casting distance.

I've never been in a situation with stripers where I felt that the limiting factor on catch rate was the line type. Take your pick -- they'll all work.
It's wise to have a back up, most of the time it dont matter, but there are time's, it make's all the difference. I saw that, fishing with Tim Bagley , It got slow, and I could not catch one on braided line, and he was getting some on fluorocarbon, I picked up one of his pole's, that had fluorocarbon, just to see. And I hooked up right away. I had thought the same as other's, that it didnt matter. But there are time's where it does. I dont like those time's, when they seam to be smart and line shy. I think it's all about how they are feeding, if they are in a frenzy, braided is great, if not Fluorocarbon or clearer mono are the answer.
I prefer fluorocarbon. Stripers are line shy, and they can't see fluorocarbon.

I don't find this to be the case when they are schooled up. It is a reaction bite, where the fish does not have time to inspect the lure....either bite or it gets away. I have used 30 pound mono leaders and it does not seem to affect the catch rate.
Spooning technique? I have not had good results spooning for them but im sure I just need to work on my presentation. Any tips here?

Ron I will be at Bullfrog this weekend as well. Staying at the lodge.
lot's of different techniques for spooning.
Sometimes the fish are hitting it on the fall.
Sometimes they hit when it's still.
Sometimes you have to speed-reel.
Sometimes you have to actively jig it.

Drop to the bottom (or slightly below the depth the fish are holding), then reel up really fast for 4-5 cranks. Then let it sit. then drop it. Then speed-reel. Then speed-reel again. Then drop it. Then jig it. Then hold it still. Then speed-reel. Then jig it. Then drop it. Then reel it slow to the top. Then drop it. Then jig it. Then speed-reel. The hold still. Then lift it high slowly, and drop it back down. Then speed-reel. Then drop it. Then reel it slow.

I'm worn out.
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